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Digital Literacy 8 , 9

The new media of connected digital devices allows us to go beyond the classic blackboard sharing paradigm and enables making and communication in a digital collaborative environment. Keeping this design in …

Communicative English: Level I
English 8 , 9

Communicative English: Level I is for students whose English vocabulary and grammar skills are limited. Theme-based lessons build vocabulary and improve listening skills. Short audio stories in later lesson…

Communicative English: Level II
English 8 , 9

Communicative English: Level II is for students who feel confident about English grammar and vocabulary and are now ready to learn to use English in real-life situations. Woven around audio stories, the les…

Geometric Reasoning
Part I
Mathematics 8 , 9

This module will help students to move from identifying shapes based on its broad looks to identifying shapes based on its specific geometric properties.

Geometric Reasoning
Part II
Mathematics 8 , 9

Moving forward from the Geometric reasoning (part-I) module, this module helps students to represent relationships among quadrilaterals and understand the need for proof in mathematics.

Proportional Reasoning
Mathematics 8 , 9

This module will help students to move from additive reasoning to multiplicative reasoning and apply multiplicative thinking in different contexts. To be able to scale up and scale down in situations involv…

Linear Equations
Mathematics 8 , 9

The module on Linear Equations has following four activities.
1.Let us Make and Solve Puzzles
2.Exploring Telephone Tariffs
3.Measuring the mustard seeds
4.Finding postal charges.

Atomic Structure
Science 8 , 9

This foundation module deal with Atom, atomic structure from chemistry point of view. After completing it the students will appreciate and develop a deeper understanding of the subject.

Basic Astronomy
Science 9

This Module exposes students to the model of the solar system and helps them to understand some of the commonplace astronomical phenomena.

Science 8 , 9

Ecosystem module introduces important learning tools, observation, categorization, experimentation as well as the constructionism through various activities and helps to students think holistically and deve…

Health and Disease
Science 8 , 9

The module will take the students through the process of making observations, collecting data through surveys and then designing hypotheses based on their observations through independent short project work…

Science 8 , 9

The aim of this module is that students learn basics of sound by following the process of science and develop questioning ability through investigative, constructive and collaborative learning.

Understanding Motion
Science 8 , 9

The module helps you to learn how to describe and analyse motion in one dimension.


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