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Subject Subject : Multiple Subjects
Grade Grade : K-12
Curriculum Curriculum : Can be aligned
Language Support Language Support : English
Device Compatibility Device Compatibility : Mobile, Tablet, Desktop
 Offline Access Offline Access : No
OS Compatibility OS Compatibility : -
Accessibility Accessibility : Supports screen readers and keyboard navigation.
License License : CC BY-SA 4.0
Topics Topics : Tinkering & making , STEM , Collaboration
Curator Curator : Saurabh Thakur, Diksha Rehal
Date of curation : 03 June 2020
This curation is also available in : English ,

The metastudio platform developed by Gnowledge Lab at the Homi Bhabha Centre for Science Education is an online collaborative platform for STEM learning. It periodically publishes activities/projects, designed to inculcate STEM habits (like keen observation, thinking & reasoning, data & observation, civilised discourse etc.) among participants. Participants work on these investigative and innovation projects and post their ideas, and work on the platform for others to see. These activities are graded on the basis of level of challenge that it poses to learners as Basic, Secondary, Tertiary, Advanced or Expert levels. In the gamified experience, participants receive digital badges for displaying the STEM habits.