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As India faces a disruptive moment in education, teachers and students have the challenge of continuing to teach and learn during the lockdown. Technology can be an enabler in this moment of crisis. We, at the Centre for Education Innovation and Action Research, bring to you a wide range of resources to help you continue teaching and learning during this time.

We are committed to offer our expertise and services to help different stakeholders in education transition to other modes of teaching and learning. The Connected Open and Online Learning (COOL) is our response to COVID-19 through which we hope to reach out to teachers, teacher educators and students. If you are a teacher in a school or teacher educator or a student teacher in a Teacher Education Institute (B.Ed./M.Ed.) you will find useful resources for your class and for your own professional development. These resources are available in English and a few modern Indian languages. COOL initiative is seeded by Tata Trusts and supported by Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya National Missions for teachers and teaching (PMMMNMTT).

Our Initiatives under COOL

1.Resources for Teacher Education

We are mapping our short term and post-graduate certificate programmes like Reflective Teaching with ICT courses with the NCTE curriculum to offer them online to student teachers (B.Ed.) across the country. Three pedagogy courses (English, Math and Science) are already hosted on the TISSx platform. Most of the courses will be available in two languages; Hindi and English. Details of these courses are also available on the NCTE website. We are mapping other free open online courses to the NCTE curriculum to provide a wide range of curated resources.

Some of our courses are also mapped to the M.Ed curriculum and in partnership with Mumbai University we are offering weekly webinars to teacher educators and M.Ed students under the Teaching and Learning Consortium (TALC) 2020.

You can watch recordings of the webinars on our youtube channel

2. Ground Assessment - Research

a. Edtech Weekly Podcast: Voices from the ground
Understanding the needs of the ground will be a critical exercise to respond to the current situation. We will gather information from some of the key stakeholders of school education. Tune into our weekly Podcast segment, EdTech Weekly: Voices from the ground to listen to practitioners discuss challenges, interventions and some innovations.

b. Ground Assessment Study
We are also gathering primary data from principals, teachers, parents and students to get a sense of field realities and plan interventions accordingly. These findings will be posted on a weekly basis. Please keep visiting to understand the ground realities.

Reports - Assessment of Ground Preparedness for EdTech (Round 1)
Are you a teacher or student-teacher? If you would like to participate in our survey please click on the link relevant to your work or profile.
a. Teachers Tool (for teachers, headteachers and teacher educators):
Hindi -
b. Student Teachers Tool (for students of education studies including B.Ed, M.Ed, MA(Ed)):

You can watch recordings of the webinars on our youtube channel

3. Multilingual Webinars for school teachers and students by ITE & CLIx

Integrating Technology in Education (ITE) and Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx) are the two programmes of the centre which have been working in educational technology. Based on the experience and learning of these programmes we will be conducting weekly webinars for students and teachers in different languages.These will be interactive sessions (some conducted by school teachers) and will cover different aspects such as introducing synchronous and asynchronous technologies, orientation to computational thinking and other OERs. There will also be a focus on including hands-on learning and mental health.

You can watch recordings of the webinars on our youtube channel

4. OER Repository

A repository of OER is being designed where free and open educational resources will be hosted with meta-tagging fsubjects, grades, languages, type of technology etc. This page will help teachers, parents, students, educators to search resources efficiently. Many organizations and individuals are curating and creating resources, which are free and may be very useful in diverse contexts. Such resources will be collated and added to the repository page. This repository will be hosted on Please visit the webpage for more details and to share OERs with us. You can also access award winning CLIx resources for Maths, Science and English for middle and high school students here.

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5.Technologies for Online Learning in School Education

We are developing a course on using technology for connected and distance learning. This will be open for all and is specifically targeted for school teachers and educators. This course will provide an understanding of principles of learning using technology, introduce the learner to synchronous and asynchronous modes of learning, provide orientation to different tools of assessments and introduce them to the world of Open Educational Resources (OERs). This course will be freely available in two languages (Hindi & English) to help teachers and educators to plan teaching sessions for their students using technology. It will importantly orient them on how technology tools requiring low bandwidth can be used to connect with their students and continue teaching and learning. It will be available in English on TISSx platform from 11th May 2020 and the Diksha platform (TBD).

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